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Select pages by language specific value only


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is there a way to select pages by some (usually the current, or user?)-language specific value only?
I'm aware that there's a method that I can use, but I'd prefer to use a selector, if possible.

so instead of

$results = new WireArray;
$query = "banana";
$indexed = $pages->find("template=some_template");
foreach ($indexed as $p) {
	if ($p->getLanguageValue("english", "title|headline[preview|body") == $query {

I'd like to something like:

$query = "banana";
$results = $pages->find("template=some_template, title|headline|preview|body=LanguageValue("english", $query)");


$results = $pages->find("template=some_template, title_1021|headline_1021|preview_1021|body_1021=$query");

thanks for help!

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28 minutes ago, bernhard said:

You can set the language before the $pages->find() operation:

But find() searches in current language AND default one. I assume OP wants to search only in one language.



Because the user's current language is Dutch, the following API call matches any pages that contain the phrase "welkom vrienden" (welcome friends) in the Dutch body field OR the default body field.


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I don't know of a PW way to do it, but you can quite easily query the DB directly:

// do proper sanitization when using direct SQL queries!!
$sql = "SELECT pages_id FROM field_title WHERE data1034 LIKE '%plan%'";
$result = $database->query($sql);
$pageid = $result->fetch(\PDO::FETCH_COLUMN);

This returns 1170 for $pageid


So if you modify the query to search for "Paket" in "data1034" this would return false. With a regular PW page selector it would still return 1170 as it also searches in the "data" column.

Note that this query does not take any access control into account.

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