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Tracy shows error page with out of date error after code has been fixed!


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I've noticed this a couple of times. I load a page and it crashes, Tracy gives me a big red page with helpful info on it.

I then fix the problem, and reload the page - but the error won't go away.

For example the screenshot below shows and error saying "Call to undefined function ProcessWore\pappub_inlay_request()", and then highlights a line in my code that (now because it's been fixed) doesn't show the code from the error message! One part of the page is lying to me, and it doesn't go away until some timeout. I'm guessing a cache timeout? But I've tried adding a ?something=123 var and that didn't fix anything either: still received the old error that no longer correlates to the actual code; Tracy seems to be intercepting my actual code to show me the old error!



Anyone else had this?


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I only have one pw site at the mo, and I can't reproduce it reliably. It's just happened a few times and I wondered if anyone else had the problem.

The main bother of it is that, typically I'm in a hurry to debug the crash, not debug the debugger at the time of the crash!

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