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Website for a terrace roofing / awnings / solar protection dealer


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I want to show a new website that I made at the beginning of this year using @bernhard's RockPageBuilder module:



The client:

Kurrat Terrassendächer (which translates to "Kurrat Terrace Roofs") is a dealer from germany that is specialized in building custom made terrace roofings, awnings and solar protection.

The goal:

The customer had a old website that was used as a basis for the new design. The new website should offer a more "catalogue-like" look with lots of information for the customer. Fortunately the client had access to high quality images of the products that really make the whole website shine.

The page features three main categories:

1. Terrace Roofs
3. Solar Protection
3. Winter Gardens

Each category subpage is made of modular content blocks:


The user is able to make custom page layouts using these blocks directly in the frontend.

With the RockPageBuilder module it is super fun an super straight forward to work with these content blocks. If you don't know this module yet I highly recommend to check it out! If you like the RepaterMatrix you will love this module. It is far superior IMHO!


Inserting a content block looks like this:



It is also possible to edit content on-the-fly in the frontend:



As with the RepeaterMatrix each content block an also be added end edited in the backend of the page:


Here you see the list of content blocks used on the home page. To edit a block, just click on it and you can edit it just like using the RepaterMatrix.




Screenshots from the website:



































Modules used for this page:

- RockFrontend (for asset bundling, minifying, etc.)
- RockPageBuilder (instead of RepeaterMatrix! For building and editing all content in the frontend)
- WireMailSMTP
- PageImageSource (for creating webp image variations)
- PrivacyWire (for cookie consent banner)
- SEO Maestro
- Redirects

The frontend framework is UIKit

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