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Custom html/css/js?


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Hi -- I'm merging a site with a pre-existing one that uses ProcessWire, so just trying to get my head round it. I'm used to using WordPress, or writing my own sites from scratch out of a mixture of html, php etc. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but where can I actually insert my own code or start making my own parts for a page? The pages are made out of templates, and the templates out of fields, and the fields seem to be of a number of very limited types.  I can't work out how to customise anything at all in the way I'm used to.

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Hi @Focksbot! It would depend on how your site is rendering it's frontend output. Check output strategies.

From most common to less common is:

So first I'd check if there exists a home.php file in /site/templates and start from there to see if direct output is implemented. Also if  you read the docs above its a good place to start too. If you still feel lost, maybe a screenshot of how your filesystem looks would help too, to see the organization of the template files. But almost 100% sure that what you're looking for is in /site/templates

This is sort of ProcessWire's blessing and curse (for people unfamiliar with ProcessWire) as it doesn't have an output strategy tightly coupled with a specific set of data such as posts/pages like in Wordpress,  in ProcessWire those would have to be built with templates/fields  and eventually Page(s), the main building blocks of data in ProcessWire.

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