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Latte: Create a comma separated list of items


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I am as many others love ❤️the Latte template engine, and I use RockFrontend to integrate it into ProcessWire.

One cool feature of Latte is, that you can easily create a comma-separated (or any other separator) list of items, where the last item does not have a separator (comma) afterwards, without needing PHP.

Take this code as an example

{foreach $pages->get('/myparentpage')->children as $item}
	{$item->title|noescape}{sep}, {/sep}

Which will output a list like: first title, second title, third title

If you want to know more use cases take a look at the documentation at https://latte.nette.org/en/tags#toc-first-last-sep

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I think you can do shorter. 🙂 With Twig I would do that:

{{ pages.get('/').children.each('title') | join(', ') }}


But usually I use html lists so WireArray API is enough:

<ul>{{ pages.get('/').children.each('<li>{title}</li>') }}</ul>


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