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Web Application - Intranet Office suite


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Table of contents

  • Introducing the App and author
  • Needs
  • First version in PHP/MySQL without any Framework
  • Why Processwire?
  • App Version 1.0

Introducing the App and author


my name is Luis and i´m a German based Web and Frontend Developer. 

I started 2010 with my own Internetbusiness and noticed  at the very beginning of my business that it takes to much time to handle my accounting, invoices and clients.

The main problem was that I needed for almost every task his own software solution, so the usual workflow in creating an invoice was something like open the CRM Software because the invoice software was good in creating invoices but bad in managing and searching clients, copy and paste the client into invoicing, create the invoice and handle it over to the accounting software.

Not good at all...

So I decided to create my own solution to fit my needs in the office management.


  • Invoicemanagement and creation
  • Clientmanagement, very basic CRM
  • Accounting
  • Multi-User
  • Simple financial stats about the Keyfacts of my business  
  • possibility to export the data for my tax consultant
  • PHP / MySQL to work with it on intranet

After pointing out my personal needs and writing down my usual workflow I started to develop the first version.

First version in PHP/MySQL without any Framework

In winter 2011/2012 I completed the very first version of my OMS (office management suite).


The whole project was written in good old fashioned PHP from scratch.

I´ve used this version till November 2012.

Why Processwire?

In mid 2012 I discovered Processwire and had no idea in how many ways this tool would change my life as webworker. 

After playing around with PW and developing the first little sites I had a little talk with my tax consultant, she said that my financial reports are pretty good and help to save money. (less time, smaller invoice from her)

Why not publish the tool?

Well, at this point my app was solely written for my needs, without possibilities for an Multi-User environment or for use in an companies Intranet. 

I finally decided to port the app to PW because of it´s flexibility, scalability and built-in user-roles. 

I had to dig deeper into PW at this point to see if I really could. 

Late 2012 I started porting the app in PW and was surprised how insanely fast developing could be. 

The whole database structure was ported into PW Pages, no SQL query is done by the app itself.

It was possible to recreate the core functionality in about 2 weeks, implementing the Login and Multi-User functionality took another week.

WebApp Version 1.0


The app is now available for purchase @ www.misterui.de 

* also Processwire with an own eCommerce Script

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I handle purchases this way:

I created a custom admin page which shows actual purchases.

After purchase the system sends 2 emails. One to the customer with payment information and one to me to inform me about purchase, so far so usual. 

Besides email notification the script creates a new page with customer credentials and a checkbox if paid or not. 

The custom admin page lists those purchases and provides a button to set the purchase to paid. 

When I set the purchase as paid the script generates a new page for the customer which contains the actual file and sends a mail to the customer with the link to this site inside. 

After two weeks the generated customer page will be deleted.

Thats it. 

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Because i'm a lazy boy :) well and i'm not such a good actor like Ryan

I think I should start giving lessons on how to do voice overs.

Ryan is better than most techies. but you could all learn from a few simple tricks:


Oh, and do it in sections - NEVER EVER try and do it all in one go. There are plenty of free editors that are pefectly good for editing things together.

Think I will go and write a post somewhere....

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I like doing it all in one go Joss and having "umms" and "errrs" in there - pads it out a bit :)

Love the app Luis and thanks for pointing me to that PDF class. I have been using a different one that I got to work and had even checked out this one before a few years back but when I looked at it recently it mangled my HTML - turns out they all have their quirks and now I've spent today getting my templates nice in this one it means my ~450kb PDF files that take 5 seconds to generate are now ~45kb and generate almost instantly :D

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OK, you've inspired me, I'm going to start trying to build our own version of this for our needs. I like the idea of having exactly what we need for our company and only that. As great as Billings is I still find myself doing most things by hand in Excel.

Also I'm sure it will be a great learning curve.

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Luis, the app looks really great! 

Is it possible to add parameters to the product which are influencing the price? This could be the size/area of some products (e.g. craftsman) or i'm specifically thinking about the german Steuerberatergebührenverordnung, which needs a difficulty level (from 1 to 20) and a value (income or profit in Euro), whereof a table is used to calculate the charge. 

If it is not yet possible, can i develop it myself? You could be using the code afterwards yourself.

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you mean something like $price * ($variable) e.g. 19,95 € * 1.1 ?

Nope, something is not implemented. 

I'm working with different prices on same products, like Coding - Hard = 500€ and Coding - Easy = 250€

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you mean something like $price * ($variable) e.g. 19,95 € * 1.1 ?

Nope, something is not implemented. 

I'm working with different prices on same products, like Coding - Hard = 500€ and Coding - Easy = 250€

yes, something like this, that the same product can have a different price depending on the specific product properties.

Do you think about implementing it or is it our of your scope?

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This sounds like a good idea. 

Will put your suggestion on my roadmap. But please don´t expect Version 1.1 soon. Never been busier before.I didn´t even find time to update my modules. 

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