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What is the logic behind the static resources folders?

Ivan Gretsky

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Hey, @teppo! Hope you're doing fine!

I've been using Wireframe for a while without too much thought just relying on it. Thank you for this module! It really helps with structuring PW projects.

Once upon a time I've borrowed your convention to put all the static files to site/templates/static folder. I am putting both sources and generates stuff there. I've handled the build process with VS Code plugins to get rid of the node based build chain. Anyways, now I see that you recommend creating two other folders: site/templates/resources and site/assets/dist. I can guess that you renamed static to resources and probably added assets/dist for the generated files. But could you please describe how you suggest using all these folders in the Wireframe-based workflow for building and maintaining sites in a little more depth. Couldn't find any docs on this. Maybe there are some useful methods and/or settings that can make use of these? How do you use them?

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