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Module for auto upgrade of ProcessWire and modules


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the last few weeks there were four new versions of ProcessWire on the master branch (3.0.226 - 3.0.229) and there seems to be the next one around the corner.
I like to upgrade all my ProcessWire websites whenever a new master version is released. Currently I am upgrading around 50 websites, which takes a few hours for all of them.

I have skipped a few of the master releases, but was wondering if it would be possible to provide an module for auto upgrades?
I know that there is a certain risk involved with auto upgrades and it would not work for the .htaccess file, because this file has its own rules.
But upgrading the wire folder and the index.php is usually unproblematic, so those could be auto upgraded.

WordPress for example has auto upgrades enabled for patch versions (x.x.1 to x.x.2) if there is not Git present.
Currently ProcessWire has no minor versions (x.1.x) and only patch versions (x.x.1), but maybe one could configure in the module settings which branch (dev or master) should be auto upgraded.

Maybe this could be a setting in the ProcessWire Upgrade module or an extension: https://processwire.com/modules/process-wire-upgrade/
After the upgrade you could get an email, that your ProcessWire has been upgraded (similar to the Workflow in WordPress).

There could also be an option for auto upgrading modules. (for example Tracy Debugger 😅)

What do you think? Is there some major issue speaking against the option for auto upgrades?

Regards, Andreas

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I think this really depends on the agreement you have with your clients. If my clients are not on a monthly retainer, ProcessWire doesn't get upgraded until they want some work carried out on the site. If there were a slew of security issues with ProcessWire then an auto upgrade might be a good idea, but until any get found, I don't think its needed.

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Thanks for your feedback. I usually also upgrade, whenever there needs to be something done on the website.

From a security perspective I also don't think there is a need for auto upgrades, because there are never security risks, that need to be fixed.

Auto upgrades would be nice mainly for convenience. 😄

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