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Create a page in a (non-default) language only


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so I have a website with three languages:
- Swedish (default)
- English
- French

I would now like to publish some research result in English only and not translate it into Swedish and French. I'd still like to link to it from the Swedish and French versions though. How would you do this with ProcessWire?


Some additional information:

What I would probably like to happen is:
- When clicking on the Swedish or French version they should display the content filled in the English version
- a canonical indicates the correct url (the English version)

How it could be solved (but doesn't feel like a good solution):
- add a select-field to the template where the user can choose one of a language if it's a single-language site
- when a page has a value in thatfield a hook handles the loading of the correct language. e.g. when we're visiting the Swedish website and in the field is selected that the language is english, that hook will make the page load the English content instead of the (empty) Swedish


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