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Facebook Conversion Api - has anyone done anything with this?

Greg Lumley

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Hi, I'm trying to implement the Facebook Conversion Api into a Processwire form. I'm using it for a FB advert that points to a landing page on my site.

I've scoured Google and can't seem to find anything that points me in a "code from scratch" direction.

Has anyone worked with this, or perhaps there are some resources you might know of?

Thank you. 


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You can start off by following this guide here: Get Started - Conversions API (facebook.com)

There is no ready-made code samples but fear not, it isn't as complicated and also doesn't force you to code anything. You install a so-called "pixel" and let Facebook do the rest (meaning: you configure the FB stuff just as you would do with e.g. Google Analytics). Once you have created such a pixel following the guide above, you are also guided through installation and testing. There are more complicated ways allowing for more fine-grained conversion control, but for 99% of the cases, the pixel is enough.

Important: be very aware of GDPR if you are in the EU! Edit: Since you aren't, just be very aware of your local privacy laws!

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