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Formbuilder - one form, different recipients


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I am using Formbuilder on a website.
The form is for contacting, if you are interested in a real estate.

With the following code I read out, on which site you are sending the contact form:

<?php $form = $forms->render('kontakt', [ 'form_page' => $page->parent->title . " " . $page->title ]); ?>

So you receive a mail with the parent-page and page-title as subject, which works perfectly.

Is it now possible to extend this and send the contact-form to different mailadresses, depending on the page-parent?
I do have a field in the parent, which is linked to the right contact-information.

Thanks a lot!

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I think you'd have to customize the autoresponder template from FormBuilder. Check the instructions in site/modules/FormBuilder/email-autoresponder.php, in the comments at the top of the file.

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You know what, I misread your issue.

What could probable work is placing a hook in emailFormReady


    /** @var InputfieldForm  **/
	$form = $e->arguments(0);
    /** @var FormBuilderEmail **/
    $email = $e->arguments(1);
    if($form->name !== "the_form_in_question") return;
	$page_id = $form->getChildByName('form_page_id');
	   $contact_email = wire('pages')->get($page_id)->contact_email;
       $email->to = $contact_email;

form_page_id would be a hidden field in the form where you save the page_id, not sure if there is a nicer way to do this! That is, without this hidden field to pass on the id info.

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Thanks a lot!

I do have a construction, like this, for the emailSubject:

					$processor = $event->object;
					$processor->emailSubject = "Page title is: $page->title";			
					echo $form;

Is it possible to make it very simple like

$processor->emailReceipient =

Only a quick thought!

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Yeah, i forgot it too.

I added following:

$processor->emailTo = "{$page->parent->projekt_bautraeger->bautraeger_mail}";	

As the e-mail is a pageReference-field in the parent, I have to build it like that, but it doesn´t work.

The following shows me the emailadress:

echo "{$page->parent->projekt_bautraeger->bautraeger_mail}";

Do you think there is a problem, as the form has recipients in the backend?

All in all emailTo seems good to me:


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