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PagesEditor: Fehler beim speichern von Feld "Teams" — Can’t save page ... (nested repeater)


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Sorry, coming back to this and i'd need a hint where to start looking further.

I have pages with a nested (not matrix) repeater (among other fields) in it:

  • basepage
    • event_staff_team_repeater
      • event_staff_member_repeater
  • When editing custom fields from the standard backend editpage within the repeater, i get:
    PagesEditor: Fehler beim speichern von Feld "Teams" — Can’t save page 1265: /de/admin/repeaters/for-field-321/for-page-1182/1694169181-3071-1/: Call $page->of(false); before getting/setting values that will be modified and saved. [event_quote_reg]
  • When editing fields in any repeater like "Title" the change won't be saved but without exception.
  • Editing from Admin > Repeaters > event_staff_member_repeater > 1694169181-3071-1 > 1694170536-1901-1 directly works just fine.
  • New repeater items will be created but no title etc. saved and unpublished/hidden in root admin.
  • It does not happen to all basepages (some are cloned). I have not figured out a pattern yet.
  • I do have another nested repeater on this page with identical setting but this seems to work just fine (no special field config other than desc, label & tag, no access control).
  • I do loop and read fields via API but not writing/saving to it. No hooks applied to the editpage.

PW 3.0.225, Repeater 1.1.2
PHP 7.4-latest FPM (7.4.33)
SQL 8.0.25-15




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Hi ngrmm,

Thanks for your reply!
Two languages (default/DE) and all activated.
Replacing fields (PageTitleLanguage) with new ones like Text (Multi-Language) also did not help.

Still trying to figure out why on new base pages it works but on some older not.

** Update
Seems like i get this error while editing the main-page via Editor-page AND my Dash Module uses the given base-page (not writing anything to it but quering the repeaters).
At least i have an new point where to start looking 🙂


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