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Inconvenience while using same translation context in different files


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Hi friends! And thanks for ProcessWire!

There's an inconvenience in ProcessWire file translation process which, I think, deserves a topic here. It's a common case to have same translatable phrases in different translatable files. Using a translation context (in fact, a separate file holding all that phrases) is also a common case, at least for me. Generally i call that context I18N_GLOBAL. So my typical translation may look like this:

<?=__( 'Accept', I18N_GLOBAL )?>

The problem is that ProcessWire translation interface is context-agnostic. If You have to translate multiple files containing the same 'Accept'-related piece of code, it will be always treated as not translated yet, even if I18N_GLOBAL file is already translated. Quite annoying, especially if You have lots of phrases to translate.

So dear Santa, could You please make translation interface context-aware and to mark all the phrases (in all the files) which already have translation in my I18N_GLOBAL file as translated? Or maybe I missed something, and there's a possibility to tweak some settings and achieve this?

Thanks in advance for any possible advice or idea )

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Ho yes it is in ProFields sub-forum, he said:


I see, I'll play with it here and should be able to make the translation tool skip over translations for those in other text domains, if it's not already doing that.


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