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I thought about processwire.pw when I first heard about the domain, but it sounded... recursive :D

The things I thought of like showcase.pw and other one word domains like that will all be gone already I think, though I might be pleasantly surprised in that this might be a domain that isn't worth much to many businesses (marketing it as Professional Web like they have been just doesn't sell it in my mind - since anyone can buy a domain there is no guarantee of professionalism!).

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PowerWithPrizeWinnerProcessWire !!

edit: or pwpwpwpw.pw

PowerWithPrettyWonderfulPrizeWinnerProcessWire !!

edit2: or pwpwpwpwpwpw.pw

PromptlyWinPhenomenalWorkingPowerWithPrettyWonderfulPrizeWinnerProcessWire !!

ok, i'll stop...

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