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What template names are reserved?

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I'm using PW 3.0.219. For a recent client I created a template named 'settings' to host the website global variables. 

Nothing happened at first, but at some point, while creating demo content for the homepage, a repeater that I created was saved in my website main tree as a page named 'Repeater_Name' (pretty random repeater name as not the one I really used) and had each repeater that I created after as children and grandchildren pages. (See the picture attached) I tried deleting this page but I realised that I would lose all the data and, while I could move it to the bin, I couldn't permanently delete it as I did get an error about it having a system status and therefore impossible to delete. 

My question is: are there reserved template names that would wreck havoc like this one? How can I fix this mess now without losing all the data? 

Thank you in advance.

screenshoteasy (23).png

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I have a suspicion, can it be that you have a template and a repeater with the same name?

Normally you can find all repeater elements under "Admin".


You could try moving the pages there and then changing the template name.

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No, there is no matching names between templates and repeaters. The odd thing is that the repeater name that was used to create the main tree page is a repeater that I haven't used yet in this website, that's what really threw me off, felt like a random occurrence. 

Thank for your suggestion @Markus Thomas, I'll try to move it under 'admin' where it belongs. 

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