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wire-cli - A CLI Tool for ProcessWire Developers


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You can find here the release of wire-cli, successor to wire shell, a powerful command-line interface (CLI) tool designed specifically for ProcessWire developers. Optimize your workflow, automate repetitive tasks, and manage your ProcessWire projects with ease.

Wire-cli leverages the Symfony Console Component to provide a robust CLI experience, offering a wide range of features and commands to enhance your development process. From creating new projects and managing fields, templates, roles, and users, to performing database backups and serving your ProcessWire projects with a built-in web-server.

Still in development, there might be some glitch, I will continuously improve and expand its functionality based on the feedback and needs of the ProcessWire community. Also mentioning that we will be probably working towards merging the features of wire-cli and rockshell to provide a unified CLI solution for ProcessWire.

To get started with wire-cli, check out the GitHub repository or simply install it now from your terminal using Composer:

composer global require wirecli/wire-cli

Contributions are welcome. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for improvements, please submit an issue, a pull request or post it here.



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Sounds super cool! The wire shell project was one of the greatest tools in the PW ecosystem. Glad it is reborn!

Especially great to hear that there are plans to work on a unified solution with @bernhard's RockShell. A true community spirit! AFAIK RockShell has a lot of Rock*-specific stuff. So maybe need to think about the expandable architecture right away?

Would love to test and contribute.

P.S. Can't save wire shell in a single word. Is there some smart spell checking and correction going on now and how do I get around it, @Pete)))

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