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PW 3.0.222 – Core updates

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The new dev branch version 3.0.222 contains about 20 commits and 16 issue resolutions. In terms of new features, last week I mentioned some upgrades to WireHttp, and below are this week's additions:

Multi-language month and day names

The WireDateTime class (aka the $datetime API variable) has been updated to support multi-language month and day names. Now all month and days are translatable in the WireDateTime file (/wire/core/WireDateTime.php). So if you request any date in a format that uses month names or abbreviations, or day names or abbreviations, they now support multi-language, whether you requested it from the wireDate() function or the $datetime API variable. 

ProcessWire has long supported multi-language month and day names when using a PHP version prior to 8.1 and you've requested a strftime date format that uses them. But PHP 8.1 dropped the multi-language supporting strftime() function, without leaving a suitable replacement. PHP's IntlDateFormatter can't be relied upon since it's not always compiled with PHP.

But as of PW 3.0.222, now we have a suitable replacement. Though it does require you to translate the 7 days and 12 months for file /wire/core/WireDateTime.php using ProcessWire's language translation tool. Note that unlike the previous strftime() solution, the new solution no longer requires you to use strftime() format codes and you can instead use regular date formats and they will be translated automatically. 

New conditional hooks that match by argument type

Another new addition this week is support for conditional hooks that match by argument type. I think this is especially useful combined with ProcessWire's custom page class support. It enables you to make a hook apply only to methods containing arguments of a specific type. For instance, if you had a custom page class "ProductPage" for template "product" and you wanted to capture the "Pages::saved" event for pages of that type (ProductPage) you could do so like this:

$wire->addHook('Pages::saved(<ProductPage>)', function($event) {
  $product = $event->arguments(0); /** @var ProductPage $product */
  $event->message("ProductPage '$product->title' has been saved"); 

In addition to supporting class or interface names, you can also specify regular PHP types such as <array>, <string>, <int>, <object>, etc. For more details on this type of hook see the new Conditional hooks that match argument type section of the Hooks documentation. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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