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Selector Field - date - 'today'


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Hi Guys,

I'm configuring one page as 'alert on'

and using a selector field together with a repeator, so the customer can configure alerts by themself. 


Now when selecting a 'date' field, I would like that the customer can write 'today'.
Somehow I was able todo this one time, and I saw in the selector text on bottom right, it said 'today' as well.
but now I'm unable todo so, I get always the date picker, and can't write a text such as 'today' in it.

So how can I achief this? 



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As @MarkEsaid... set the default date to today in the settings.

Don't be too flexible with clients, otherwise they enter things like "every third sunday after easter but only in leap years that end with 9" or something.

Think about sane defaults a client can choose from. Similar to the ones provided by LazyCron.

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