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Regularly delete "empty" pages

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In one of my projects editors "constantantly" create pages without titles and abandon them (see screenhot). Due to some circumstances I had to activate the "Name for children" and autogenerate the name. So when the editors create a page in that section it is automatically saved with an cryptic name when they add a new page. When the editor just closes the browser or due to other reasons does not use this page there are several "empty" pages that no one uses. I would love to delete those empty pages after 24 hours or so. 

Question: What would be a good way to achieve this? I'm thinking aloud here:

  1. Use a hook that is regularly fired? (Which and how)
  2. Check if there are any pages with empty title (and/or other factors) and that are created 24 hours+ ago?
  3. Delete the page?

I have never really used any hooks and so I'm a bit lost where to start and how to "cron" this task.

Any hint would be helpful, maybe I even miss something that could be used to more clean up those abandond pages more easy. 

Thanks in advance for any help, Cheers Sascha


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Looks like a perfect application for LazyCron.

A quick and dirty snippet of code you can place in site/ready.php (or inside a template's PHP file, just make sure that a page with that template is viewed regularly):

<?php namespace ProcessWire;

// Add daily hook to clean up incomplete, stale pages
wire()->addHook('LazyCron::everyDay', null, function(HookEvent $event) {
  $ts = time() - 86400; // 24 hours ago
  // Find matching pages, adapt selector however you want (e.g. limit to certain templates or parents)
  $stalePages = $pages->find("created<$ts, title=''");
  foreach($stalePages as $stalePage) {


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@BitPoet That's exactly what I'm looking for. Works perfectly out of the box! ❤️ I just wanted a hint into the right direction and you posted the complete solution! THANKS so much, that really saved me some time 😉 

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