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[SOLVED] How do I format the username displayed on the admin?


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So, I created an user like this:



And when I log in with the user, this is what shows up:


How can it be formatted to be shown as "Jack Priest", or, in the last resort, show up his email instead of his name?


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Go to Modules -> Configure -> AdminThemeUiKit. There will be a section called “Masthead + navigation” which you can click to open. Then under “User navigation label format”, where it currently says “{Name}”, enter “{title}” instead. Or any other valid template string you like, obviously. The field pretty much tells you what to do. Of course this only works if your user template has fields for the things you want to display.


As you will notice, other admin themes have their own settings, so if you allow users to change themes, you’ll probably want to make equivalent changes to all of them. However, AdminThemeReno doesn’t use the same template string system and AdminThemeDefault has no setting for this at all.

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