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Looking for someone to take over a client PW-site, preferrably in the Zürich area, German-speaking


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We're looking for someone to take over a ProcessWire site. I will leave the agency I'm currently working for, and since I was the only PW-developer there, we can't guarantee a professional maintenance anymore.

Some information:

Site is multilingual, 4 languages

Pro modules: FormBuilder, Lister and ProFields

Current version is 3.0.210 and was launched 5 years ago.

The site makes heavy use of FormBuilder. The data is saved to Google Sheet. That works smooth as silk, but sometimes the client needs a helping hand with config (basically, there is a master form which they always clone, and then change some basic stuff). This Google Sheet has to be moved to another account.

There is nothing overly complex about this site. There are a few protected pages.

I have written a big manual for the client, i.e. tips about the WYSIWYG editor, recommended image sizes, FormBuilder gotchas, how and where to edit categories (related pages) etc.

To be honest, I don't expect a big number of new feature requests in the near-term future. We just want to make sure they know who to call, if there's any questions. However, they mentioned that they want a rehaul of the homepage (they switched hosting recently and bought a new domain).

If you're interested, write me a PM.

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