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Very strange checkbox behaviour


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Hi to all,

I have a very strange but annoying problem with a checkbox. It usually works fine, but on one page I get different results whether I call the page with Safari or with Google. That means that when the checkbox is checked Safari would return a value of "1" but Chrome would return a value of "0". In the screenshots below you see the value for a checked checkbox in both browsers. How ist this possible?1564459643_Bildschirmfoto2023-04-04um20_12_45.thumb.png.ac449908f71ed938c8283e6f1ab3f3e3.png323365163_Bildschirmfoto2023-04-04um20_12_28.thumb.png.e91f82abb6b6771bfcc22cc1ed211781.png

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3 hours ago, cpx3 said:

How ist this possible?

Usually such things are the result of being logged in (probably as superuser) in one browser and logged out in the other browser. It looks like that's the case in your screenshots because I can see the Tracy debug bar in one screenshot and not in the other. So probably the difference is due to some access issue, where superuser has access to something that guests do not.

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