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FrontendLoginRegister - A configurable module for fast implementation of an user management system based on FrontendForms

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A module for ProcessWire CMS to integrate a user registration/login functionality based on the FrontendForms module. This module creates pages and templates during the installation for faster development.

The intention for the development of such a module was to provide a ready-to-use solution for user management, which can be installed and put into operation in a few minutes.

It works out of the box, but it provides a lot of configuration settings in the backend:



  • "One-click" integration of an user login/registration system without the hazzle of creating all pages and forms by hand
  • "One-click" switch between login or login and registration option
  • Double opt-in with activation link on new registrations
  • Option for automatic sending of reminder mails, if account activation is still pending
  • Option for automatic deletion of unverified accounts after a certain time to prevent unused accounts
  • Option to use TFA-Email if installed for higher security on login
  • Mutli-language
  • Select if you want to login with username and password or email and password
  • Select the desired roles for newly created users
  • Select, which fields of the user template should be displayed on the registration and profile form (beside the mandatory fields). Fields and order can be changed via drag and drop functionality
  • Offer users the possibility to delete their account in the members area using a deletion link with time expiration
  • Customize the texts of the emails which will be send by this module
  • Usage of all the benefits of FrontendForms (fe. CAPTCHA, various security settings,...)
  • Support for SeoMaestro if installed
  • Lock accounts if suspicious login attempts were made

This module runs on top of the FrontendForms module, so please download and install this module first.

Download FrontendLoginRegister

This module is early Alpha stage, so please do not use it on live sites at the moment.

If you discover any issues, please report them directly on GitHub 🙂. Thanks!

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  • Juergen changed the title to FrontendLoginRegister - A configurable module for fast implementation of an user management system based on FrontendForms
  • 3 weeks later...

The custom user fields will be taken from the user template and mapped to the FrontendForms class. So PW fields will be re-written to FrontendForm fields.

Take a look at https://github.com/juergenweb/FrontendLoginRegister#support-for-custom-user-fields

Some of the values as set in the PW fields will be added to the FrontendForm fields too.

Example: If you take the PW password field and you have set the requirements to at least "1 letter and 1 digit", this requirement will also be used in the Frontendforms input field for the password on the frontend.

Validation will only be taken by FrontendForms.

Does this answer your question?

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Hi Andy,

Maybe you are thinking of profile images?

I have thought about it, but my experience in the the past has shown me, that users do not upload profile images.

A few years ago I have created a user registration with the opportunity to upload a profile image, but no one has used it... so I dont think so, because it would only make sense if you can manipulate (crop, position,..) the image after the upload to get the best fit for the image. This is very complex to implement.

Best regards

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Thank you for your reply.

How much you need to add avatar images to your profile depends on the format of your project. In my projects, this is a fairly common feature. I use LoginRegisterPro, which @ryan suggests. There, adding an image doesn't give you any image editing functionality. But you don't really need it either, as there are a lot of image editing programs on the fly right now.

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@Andy I will probably thinking over to add this feature (support for image upload). Technically, uploading an image without image manipulation should not be a problem in this case. At the moment I am quite busy on creating a new module for a contact form based on FrontendForms, but if I have more time left, I will probably give this feature a chance.

Best regards

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  • 3 weeks later...

Version 1.2.3 is ready!


Beside fixing a lot of bugs, this new version supports upload for an user image too.

Supported Fieldtypes for images are FieldtypeImage and FieldtypeCroppableImage3.

Please note: You can only use ProcessWire image fields with single upload - multi-upload fields will be ignored and cannot be selected. So if you want to use an existing image field or you need to create a new one, take care to set the image upload only to 1 single file.

After you have added this field to the user template, you can select this field inside the module configuration and add it to the profile form and/or to the registration form. Take also care that this field is editable by the user, otherwise it will also not be selectable.

Just to mention: Technically you can add as many image fields as you want to these 2 forms, but it would not make sense, because each user needs only one image. But if you want.... you can.

There were a lot of changements taken, so please let me know if you discover issues.

Best regards

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