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UTF8 page names whitelist exceptions

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I have a multilang project that requires UTF8 page names and slugs mainly for chinese language. Referring to the documentation at https://processwire.com/blog/posts/page-name-charset-utf8/ and this post 

it seems that we can use $config->pageNameWhitelist="" to allow all characters.

Or, to allow only certain characters, we can use a list of those e.g. $config->pageNameWhitelist="æåäßöüđжхцчшщюяàáâèéëêě...".

In my usecase I want to allow all traditional chinese characters, but disallow german Umlauts, so that page names in chinese are using the UTF8 characters, but a german page name like "über-uns" gets converted to "ueber-uns".

With the avalable config settings, I don't see how I can accomplish that other than putting all traditinal chinese characters into the $config->pageNameWhitelist which is not feasable.

What I would need is a blacklist. Sanitizer.php uses a blacklist: https://github.com/processwire/processwire/blob/6ff498f503db118d5b6c190b35bd937b38b80a77/wire/core/Sanitizer.php#L844

But I can't add to that. A config setting like $config->pageNameBlacklist would be great.

Since we don't have that I need to work around the problem. I'm thinking of a Page::saveReady hook. That checks for german Umlauts and than translates those to the required values.

Does anyone have a better idea?  

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You could add a rewrite rule to .htaccess, but I reckon it'd be easier (and wouldn't risk being overwritten on updates) to do as you suggest and use a Page::saveReady hook. I do this regularly to manage page names and it doesn't cause problems.

You're probably aware of this, but you may need to stop the hook running if the page hasn't yet been created:

$pages->addHookAfter('Pages::saveReady', function($event) {
	$page = $event->arguments('page');
    if(!$page->id) return;


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