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[SOLVED] panel page redirect endless loop


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Hi all,

i´ve installed a clear pw 3.0.210, but i can´t login to panelpage. A js function redirect to a endless loop. I don´t found the cause. Since i have several working pw installations (older versions) on the same server, i think i only need some settings. 

[url deleted]

But what is wrong?

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I found some "special" on ProcessLogin.js

#login_start is setting by php on server and ts is build by javascript on client. If the time on the server is much older than the time on the client, for example more 300 seconds, you get endless reloading. 

	var startTime = parseInt($('#login_start').val()); // GMT/UTC
	var maxSeconds = 300; // max age for login form before refreshing it (300=5min)
	// force refresh of login form if 5 minutes go by without activity
	var watchTime = function() {
		var ts = Math.floor(new Date().getTime() / 1000);
		var elapsedSeconds = ts - startTime;
		if(elapsedSeconds > maxSeconds) {
			window.location.href = './?r=' + ts;


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  • Matzn changed the title to [SOLVED] panel page redirect endless loop
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On 4/15/2024 at 10:15 AM, Peter Knight said:

Hi @Matzn
Was this referring to the /processwire/ manager login?

Hallo @Peter Knight

Yes, it was referring to the /processwire/ manager login. I'm a bit surprised, because I thought it was already fixed.

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