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Update Core Fontawesome Icons

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Would be nice to update the Fontawesome icons in PW core, so they can be used for labels in the backend. The current version 4 is quite old and has a very limit set of icons. Version 6 also has a free version with more icons. The implementation seems to be very similar, so it should be easy to implement. The icons can be downloaded here.

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I'm actually working on something that allows for this in a limited capacity with my admin theme. I kickstarted with v5 back in the day and still subscribe so my solution will reach back to 4 5 and 6 and include pro support although I don't think I am going to support duotone unless I can find a good way to get theme colors in there. Haven't looked too deep into it.

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Just something to note, a lot of core wire functions include hardcoded markup here, so hooking into __render is probably the cleanest way to address most of these replacements from a markup output stance - that's what I plan to do. But there's lots of little bits to check - the fa 4 icons appear all over the place. Certain places (like the installation pages) hardcode echo statements and so I think those will always need to be FA4 unless Ryan steps up to 6 completely.

If you are just looking for a way to include fontawesome, I'm sure you know this already - but you've got RockAwesome in the modules library if you just want to be able to assign an icon from your library of choice to use on the front end - it supports whatever version you are able to link the lookup reference to in settings.



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