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PW 3.0.213 – Core updates


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@ryan, really great updates this week, thanks! 

WireSitemapXML sounds amazing. I saw this part in the docs:


Another thing being considered is basing the page loading around ProcessWire’s “raw” pages loading functions, rather than loading Page objects. This would enable the rendering to be much faster. However, it would limit the usefulness of hooks or other cases where you might want the full Page object.

That would be a nice enhancement! Personally I would go for faster performance over greater convenience in hook arguments, but maybe there could be a config option so users could choose which they want to prioritize. Perhaps the page properties that are raw loaded and supplied to the hook methods can also be configurable so users can set what they need to distinguish pages in the hooks.

A feature request: sometimes I want to get a plain list of all the URLs in the sitemap - for instance, to load into Xenu's Link Sleuth (I often use this as a simple way to prime ProCache). Maybe there could be a GET variable for that, e.g. /sitemap.xml?urls=1

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