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Real SF Properties

Jonathan Lahijani

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I originally developed and launched Real SF Properties in 2015 and did a complete design and programming refresh in 2022:

The site was designed by BuzzCandy.Design:

This was my first time using Tailwind CSS and it was a great fit for this project. I wish it existed back in 2015 because while UIkit has been my go-to CSS framework for several years now, there are some site designs (and designers) that I work with that simply need a higher level of precision to slice correctly and be maintainable.  Sure, I could have used vanilla CSS and done it the classic way (separation of concerns), but Tailwind CSS and doing everything with utility classes (locality of behavior) does come with major benefits, even if the markup is not so easy on the eyes.

This site does not use a matrix page builder or anything fancy.  The sections are hardcoded but with the ability to add data using the various page data structures that feed in accordingly.  It has also has an accessibility score that is extremely high.  It's a quick loading site even though ProCache or CDN is not yet enabled.

Other frontend libraries include Flickity and Headroom.js.

More details on my personal website:

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