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destinationPath is not writable - Images


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I now get this error: 'destinationPath is not writable - Images'

I haven't changed anything on this site; I have only done some EasyApache stuff on the VPS server, upgrading to PHP8 and back to 7.4 etc.

Why do I get these errrors?

What are the correct permissions for the for /site/assets etc.?

What are the correct ownership settings for /site/assets etc.?  

Edit: Doing this "fixed" the problem, but now I get "Fatal Error: Uncaught Error: Class 'SimplePie\SimplePie' not found in site/templates/simplepie/library/SimplePie" - I absolutely have SimplePie in that folder, so probably another permission and/or ownership error. What should the correct setting be and how are they getting messed up?

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