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First page of pagination always active!


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The pagination on my site works, that is to say button 1 gives page 1, button 2 gives page 2, 3 page 3 and so on. But page 1 always remains the current, active page no matter what I do, so the pagination display always remains 1 2 3 NEXT.
I've searched the forum front to back and back to front, but haven't found a solution to this problem.
The code I am using is simple:

$items = $page->children("limit=n");
  $pager = modules('MarkupPagerNav');
  echo $pager->render($items);
  echo $page->body;
foreach($page->children("limit=15") as $child)

The attached image shows the generated code.

What could be wrong here?


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Thanks wbmnfktr. I've seen that and I've tried it, but it makes no difference.
More out of desperation than wisdom I changed "n" to "15" and it works!
So the code is now:
$items = $page->children("limit=15");
echo $pager->render($items);
foreach($page->children("limit=15") as $child)
I'm curious about the explanation of this.

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On 1/24/2023 at 11:31 AM, Java said:

I changed "n" to "15" and it works!

Ok... I didn't notice your usage of n in your query/selector but what @taotoo said is true.

n is a placeholder for n=number/integer for the amount of entries/pages/items (however you wanna call it).

It's the number of entries you want to see.

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