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Strangeloop Studios • Concert Visuals & Media Production Company


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Hello ProcessWire Community,

It is with great pleasure that I share with you the new site for our company Strangeloop Studios, a visual design lab and animation studio based in Los Angeles. We specialize in content for musical artists but have branched into VR, Broadcast, and Music Video projects as well.

This is my first site using ProcessWire. I went from complete PW beginner (October 2022) to this re-design and catalog of our various projects in the space of several months. Lurking here on the forums and visiting all of the stellar work that gets shared on the Showcases has taught me a lot. Many thanks to @bernhard for the Rockfrontend module, and @flydev for their Duplicator module. I probably wouldn't have been able to get this far without those … so, many thanks for your contributions!

I also appreciate the feedback to my questions in the forums from several users who have improved my understanding of PW with detailed explanations.

Things I would like to improve:

  • optimizations for image delivery
  • Multi-language support

Looking forward to building more with ProcessWire!




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Hey @protro congrats and thx for sharing and for mentioning RockFrontend 🙂 

11 hours ago, protro said:

optimizations for image delivery

I'd love to add such features to RockFrontend, so if anybody has good suggestions please create a thread in the dedicated forum!

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