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Cannot switch tabs in FieldsetPage


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I've a field of FieldsetPage mapped with a few fields. E.g. If I now want to disable the "required" state of title I need to switch to the tab "Input" of the field mapped to the Fieldset. But when I click "Input" the page completely reloads and I'm landing on the admin site with the page tree.

I'm using the latest version 3.0.210. Does anybody else have the same problem? It is a relatively plain installation. I just have RockMigration installed and uninstalled. And TinyMCE installed.


Thanks for your support!

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lol.... issue posted and problem found. It looks like it is a combination of browser-sync as proxy when running ProcessWire unter localhost:3000. When I want to switch the tab, injected browser-sync reloads the page. But why I dont know.

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  • rjgamer changed the title to Cannot switch tabs in FieldsetPage

Last update. My fix was to add the following command to my npm script: --no-ghost-mode

"browser:sync": "browser-sync start --proxy dev.local --no-notify --no-ghost-mode  --files public/site/templates/**/* public/static/**/*",

The commands disables the mirror of all clicks, scrolls & form inputs via browser-sync.

Source: https://browsersync.io/docs/command-line


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