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[SOLVED] Repeater field tags in the Page admin interface

Charlie W

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Hello everyone!  I am new to ProcessWire and I am working on a personnel websiite where jobs can be posted.  I created a repeater called "jobs" which contains a series of sub-fields such as the job_title, job_status, job_location, etc. I then created a page and referenced the appropriate template for the jobs page.  It works very well, but one thing I don't like is when editing the jobs page, the repeater fields show up as "Jobs #1", "Jobs #2", etc. (see image)   I'm concerned that when the number of jobs grows, it will be a pain to maintain it because you will have to expand each of the job listings to find the one you wish to change.  Is there a simple way to replace the "Jobs #1", etc labels with one of the sub-fields, such as "job_title"?  That way I can easily edit the job I need.  I know I can expand all items, but that is also not the best if the number of jobs grows.

Thank you in advance and sorry if this question has already been posed.  It was hard to describe exactly what I'm trying to do in a search for forum answers or documentation.


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Go to your Repeater Field configuration, and then To the Details tab.

there‘s a „Repeater Element Label“ 😉 

you can use the Repeater fields for the label…

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  • Charlie W changed the title to [SOLVED] Repeater field tags in the Page admin interface

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