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PW 3.0.208 – Core updates


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This week we've got a new core version on the dev branch, version 3.0.208. This version includes 15 new commits with a combination of issue resolutions and new features. See the dev branch commit log for full details.

In addition, we have new versions of the following ProFields modules: FieldtypeTable, FieldtypeTextareas, FieldtypeMultiplier and FieldtypeFunctional. (Last week a new version of FieldtypeCombo was released as well). These are all posted in the ProFields downloads thread. These versions all add support for the new InputfieldTinyMCE module, in addition to other regular improvements and updates. I think that completes the list of modules I've developed that needed an update to support InputfieldTinyMCE. Speaking of InputfieldTinyMCE, it also received updates this week, primarily focused on resolving reported issues. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! 

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Hey... just grabbed a fresh copy of 3.0.208dev and installed it into an new and clean setup.
Right after logging in I found this in the modules section (not the yellow banner ?).


I'm quite sure that there shouldn't be any missing modules right from the start.

More details about the setup:

  • DDEV, PHP 8.0, MariaDB 10.4 @ Ubuntu 22.10
  • ProcessWire 3.0.208 (dev), blank profile

Am I missing something here? As I can refresh and clear compiled files a few times and at some point those modules aren't missing anymore. A bit weird.

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