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Error: Call to undefined function __()

Marco Ro

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Hello everyone, I haven't posted here for a long time!
I hope everything is going well.

I had a problem migrating a site, I uploaded a site to an OVH server (I don't know if it's related), I have this error:

`Call to undefined function __()`

I can't figure out how I can solve it, not always be related to the installation. 

I have tried both MySQL 5.7 and 8, PHP7.4 and PHP8.
But no combination solves the problem.

Do you know what I can do?

Thank you

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This reads like a namespace issue, which FileCompiler should take care of. Make sure that site/assets (and of course also the directories and files below) is writable by the server. Best clear out the directories in site/assets/cache, then any permission issues should become obvious quickly.

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Thank you @BitPoet I already try to clear the cache in site/assets/cache, and also in the db.

It is the first time I see this error and I don't know if it could be something about the server, but I guess OVH it's ok, all the setup look good.
The same installation on Mamp works well.

At moment, I try to install the site-languages-main, but I think the last PW version has already that inside, so, I'm not sure if this will work.
If not work I will try again by copy post the local installation.

I don't have any other idea


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A few more things come mind: check if really all files have been uploaded, as we have seen strange errors with incomplete uploads before. Make sure that uploading to OVH didn't mess with character encodings, and verify that the configured PHP version is actually active (e.g. by placing a small script containing just <?php phpinfo(); ?> in the web root.

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I try to direct upload the folder site and wire to the host, and changing the config for the server.

Now I don't see anymore that error, but, the homepage is the only page works 😓 all other URL are Not Found. 

So, keep tring to fix new bug.

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Glad you're making progress. If only the homepage works, it's usually an issue with RewriteEngine support or RewriteBase not being set correctly in .htaccess (or a missing .htaccess). Make sure you didn't miss any files starting with a "." in the upload.

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Just now, BitPoet said:

Make sure you didn't miss any files starting with a "." in the upload

Can I come and kiss you???

Thank you! Was this little things now all works well.

Didn't know why before I have the function __() problem, maybe something got broken during the installation process, but weird.

Anyway Thank you again 

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