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Google Material Icons as replacement for Font Awesome Icons

Lance O.

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1 hour ago, Lance O. said:

Google Material Icons

While not "most of them" but surely a lot of them, so I agree that our options are limited. I'm not keen on Font Awesome icons, btw.

1 hour ago, Lance O. said:

icon options for fields very limited since most are for some sort of online service

I guess they can be downloaded and actually be bundled with the core, but I cannot find an easy way being offered to do that.


What I found is this:

Download All Google Fonts
You can download all Google Fonts in a simple ZIP snapshot (over 1GB) from

Another option is this, for example: https://icons.getbootstrap.com/

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Sticking to FA will probably be a good idea because there's a lot of javascript on the backend (for example for adding spinners that indicate loading) and that would likely break with other icon libraries that work differently or use other classes.

On the other hand having more icons available would be nice, so the free subset of FA6 sounds like a good idea to me if it does not take up too much space just for the small benefit of having more icons.

I think the best chances to get that into the core are if someone just tried it out and provided a PR and let Ryan know about it. Or maybe ask Ryan before doing it if he'd be willing to add it at all (to prevent useless work).

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