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How do I do Twitter embeds (with video)?


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Hey there,

Just curious, if I want to embed a Twitter post, especially one with a video, how do I paste the embed code into my ProcessWire site?

I have tried hitting the Source button in CKEditor and pasting the embed code in there, but it removes most of it upon saving.

I'm using the Classic site of ProcessWire, which, other than visual modifications in CSS, is virtually unchanged for the most part.

Is there a module for this or do I not even need one?  Total n00b here.

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1 hour ago, elabx said:

Thanks. I tried this Module, but there was an error because of a missing semicolon - I fixed that.

After that it let me install it but... it doesn't show videos for Twitter.  I'm going to look at its code to see if I can figure out what is going on...

Specifically I pasted a Twitter link to someone's status post. It puts the Tweet text but the video is missing entirely.

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Note for anyone who reads this thread, the Module elabx suggested is set to do Twitter posts in Spanish.

If you want to switch it to English, change line 277 to:


(formerly it was lang=es for Spanish)

If you get the missing semicolon problem like I did, just add a semi colon to the end of line 163.

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