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Help - Suggestions on reusing a background image across a site.

Greg Lumley

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I'd appreciate a little guidance on reusing images for backgrounds across my site. I don't want to add the image as an upload per page, but use it from a media library. 

I know I could hard-code it, but that defeats the object of flexibility. 

This is, of course, for caching purposes. What would you do?

Pardon the vagueness of my query, I'm just looking for a starting point at the moment. 




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No readme yet but could do exactly what you need: Upload images in one central place and then pick one of them on the related page:



If you have any questions or find issues let me know. If you find time to write some instructions / screenshots for the readme that would be great ? 

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There are always multiple ways to achieve your aims in PW. What I tend to do for content shared across multiple pages is add a tab to the Home page in the admin using a new 'Fieldset in Tab'. Take a look in the demo admin at fieldset_meta. This way you can add all sorts of shared content and have it grouped together, images, site name, phone number, anything really.

If things still aren't apparent after looking at the demo, come back here and ask some more.

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running quite often ibto that kind of situation i now use a solution that seems a little like @DaveP's one

let say you need a gb img or the large image on top of each page
i always create a default fields "page" with a no-file template (hidden page of course)
then i create the bg_img image field that will be used in every template, including the default fields one and, for this field i use the default value feature provided by pw, guess, the default value is in... the default fields page 🙂
this way, no need to fill this field for every page but if you need a specific image for some pages (something that happens quite often in real life 🙂 ), easy peasy, just fill the field in those pages

in case it may help

have a nice day

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