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PW 3.0.206 – core updates + new UserActivity v6 features


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Great stuff @ryan ! While reading (and because a client asked that this week) I wonder if that would open the doors for a kind of "undo" feature?

I guess that would be a lot more difficult to implement? But maybe the activity log could easily be extended with some kind of "undo" information?

Just thinking out loud... ? 

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I wonder if that would open the doors for a kind of "undo" feature?

Not really. This sort of thing would be simple on some fields but very difficult on others. For instance, text fields, numbers, etc... very simple. But for any field that stores data beyond the field_* table (Repeaters, Files/images, PageTable, etc.) it would be difficult to achieve and to maintain. The only way to do it reliably across all Fieldtypes would be is if each Fieldtype implemented the ability on its own (through some base Fieldtype provided interface, which we may add at some point). That's because individual Fieldtype modules are the the only authority on how and where their data is stored. Granted, the vast majority of Fieldtypes just store data in their field_* table, keeping it simple, but it's those more complex ones (repeaters, files, etc.) that are the primary obstacle to some undo or version feature that works the same across all fields. It's one of the reasons I gave up on developing the Snapshots module, which I spent weeks on before realizing such features are not sustainable for complex Fieldtypes until it becomes part of the Fieldtype interface. 

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I'd 100% love to see the snapshots feature make a comeback eventually - clients can do... "funny" things sometimes (and I've been guilty of it too ?), though I appreciate it's a hard one to crack.

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