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[Solved] datetime and multi-language support


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On my project, I'm using the multi-language module to translate the site to 3 languages. Now I want to format the posts datetime on a custom way, and I found this method using date() to output weekday name, month name, and day number. But the output names are on English.

What is the best way to set the locale for each language added in the multi-language module?

$data = strtotime($publicacion->data_publicacion);
$contido .= '<em>' . date('l', $data) . '</em>' . "\n";
$contido .= '<strong>' . date('F', $data) . '</strong>' . "\n";
$contido .= '<span>' . date('d', $data) . '</span>' . "\n";
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@bernhard thanks for your answer. Now I understand how to set the locale for each language in the module and was able to achieve what I wanted.

Finally my date code would look like this

$data = strtotime($publicacion->data_publicacion);

$dateFormatter = \IntlDateFormatter::create(

$contido .= '<time datetime="' . $publicacion->data_publicacion . '">' ."\n";
$contido .= '<em>' . datefmt_format($dateFormatter, $data) . '</em>' . "\n";
$contido .= '<strong>' . datefmt_format($dateFormatter, $data) . '</strong>' . "\n";
$contido .= '<span>' . datefmt_format($dateFormatter, $data) . '</span>' . "\n";
$contido .= '</time>' . "\n";

And the final result:


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