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server running out of memory when embedding multiple images in CKEditor


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I stumble upon a strange problem regarding images in rich text fields. For a section I use CKEditor for the Content. Additionally there is a imagefield for each page where inline images for this article can be uploaded. then the editor can take those images and embed them in CKEditor.  In the Frontend the images are shown inline with a additional lightbox which is preformatted via ready.php:

$wire->addHookAfter('TextformatterProcessImages::processImg', function(HookEvent $event) {
	$pageimage = $event->arguments(1);
	$img = $event->arguments(0);
	if($pageimage) {
		$img->outertext = "<figure class='figure'><a data-fancybox='gallery' data-caption='{$pageimage->description}' class='lightboxclass' href='{$pageimage->url}'><img src='{$pageimage->size(600,0)->url}' class='figure-img img-fluid rounded' alt='{$pageimage->description}'/></a><figcaption class='figure-caption text-end'>{$pageimage->description}</figcaption></figure>";

There is no Problem embedding and saving those images, but the moment a new article is published, and it has more than one image inline, the frontend gives me an "out of memory" php-error. PHP memory is set to 512MB which I think should be enough. Has anybody an idea if there is a problem that creates a loop in my script, or is it just not enough memory?

Thanks for any help.


PS: the problem occurs regardless of image size. If I take 12KB images or 12MB. It's always the same.

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Sorry, I've been offline shortly. Mostly the Error occurs in wire/core/sanitizer.php on line 2555:

public function entities($str, $flags = ENT_QUOTES, $encoding = 'UTF-8', $doubleEncode = true) {
		if(!is_string($str)) $str = $this->string($str);
		return htmlentities($str, $flags, $encoding, $doubleEncode); //<-- Thats line 2555

sometimes in wire/core/Notices.php Line 523

protected function formatNotice(Notice $item) {
		$text = $item->text;
		if(is_array($text)) {
			$item->text = "<pre>" . trim(print_r($this->sanitizeArray($text), true)) . "</pre>";
			$item->flags = $item->flags | Notice::allowMarkup;
		} else if(is_object($text) && $text instanceof Wire) {
			$item->text = "<pre>" . $this->wire()->sanitizer->entities(print_r($text, true)) . "</pre>"; //<-- Line 523
			$item->flags = $item->flags | Notice::allowMarkup;
		} else if(is_object($text)) {
			$item->text = (string) $text;
		if($item->hasFlag('allowMarkdown')) {
			$item->text = $this->wire()->sanitizer->entitiesMarkdown($text, array('allowBrackets' => true)); 


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