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How it is possible that form initiates AJAX request to URL different from form's action?


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Hello everyone!

I have a HTML code for the form:

<form class="contact-form" action="/ajax-handler/" method="POST">
	<input type="text" placeholder="Name">
	<input type="text" placeholder="Phone">
	<input type="text" placeholder="Message">
 	<button type="submit">Submit</button>
I have an JS code which handles it via AJAX request:
$(function() {
	var form = $('.contact-form');
	$(form).submit(function(e) {
		var formData = $(form).serialize();
			type: 'POST',
			url: $(form).attr('action'),
			data: formData
		.done(function(response) {
However, when I open "Network" tab in Dev Tools, I see that the request goes to the same page where the form is being placed, not to /ajax-handler/ page. Can you please tell me where I was wrong?
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I dunno, it works for me. I did add names to the inputs, because they wouldn't get serialised without them, but the javascript is the same as yours:


Note that action="/ajax-handler/" with the "/" at the beginning will submit the request to "example.com/ajax-handler/" regardless of the original url. If you want to request a relative path, remove the first "/".

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