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cannot see the GET variables in the url but in the developer tool.


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I'm having a weird issue, at least to me.

Long story short: I cannot see the GET variables in the url (nor is it stored in $input->get) but I can see the url with GET variables in the Network-Developer-Tool. How come?

Long story, if relevant:

I'm currently implementing a paypal payment method on a project. For that, I'm using curl (as described on developer.paypal.com), so the request happens server-side.

In a nutshell, it works like this:
you send a curl "authentication" request to paypal 
paypal returns an token for authentication
then you send another curl "create order" request to paypal along with the token
paypal returns an array containing the "approve" link
that link brings the user to paypal.com where they log in and approve the payment
the user is then redirected to the site and PayerID and token are passed on as GET-variables
(then I need to do some more coding to, finally, withdraw the amount due)

So again, the issue now is, I don't see the GET variables in the url but they are present in the Network-Developer-Tool.

Is that an issue related to PW? Something with how it handles the urls? .htaccess?

Thanks for help!

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