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Client side image resize - wrong dimensions

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I just installed a new and clean pw 3.0.200 and use the client side image resize for an image field.
Minimal width has to be 1800px - minimal height 800px.

Now  - when I upload this image with 1920 x 1282 Pixels ...


processwire tells me, that the image is too small in dimensions.


So the image seems to be resized without any reason.

Any ideas??? Thanks!

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I think it‘s the „Maximum Megapixel“ Configuration 😉 

it‘s set to 2MP, it‘s too low for your Image 😉   

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Thanks - I found this out a few seconds before your post 😉
But I don't understand it. Because the image ist only about 500kb. Perhaps you can explain this behavior?


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Megapixel is Not the Filesize 😉 

It defines how many pixels an image has 

2 Megapixel = 2.000.000 Pixel = approx 1731*1155 (= 1.999.305 Pixel)

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