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[SOLVED] migrating pages with meta() data


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Hi folks,
I just tried to export/import some pages with meta() data using the ProcessPagesExportImport module from the core. Unfortunately the data is not exported. Is there a way to migrate pages with meta data to a new pw installation? See the API docs for $page->meta() for more information. Since this is a relatively new addition it might not be possible yet without custom code. Since my new pagebuilder module uses the meta data to save the styling of pages I might develop something myself, just wanted to ask before..

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  • jploch changed the title to [SOLVED] migrating pages with meta() data
On 6/17/2022 at 7:31 PM, bernhard said:

You could create a PR then ? 

I might do that, but I am still not sure what's the best way to implement this. I made changes to the PagesExportImport Module, but I think it would be better to implement this in the core PagesExportImport Class. That would make the feature available to the API and other modules as well. But I am not sure how to do that, because to import the meta data, the pages must be created first, so the code might only work in the module, after the pages are created. 

EDIT: I made a PR

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