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Hi fellow programmers,

I have a strange problem: when I try to use any functional field I get the error message "undefined function"__richtext()" or whatever I try. As soon as I include <?php namespace ProcessWire; ?> in my template files, everything works fine. The _init.php file exists and is not excluded, the same is true for ready.php and they seem to get included. Any ideas?



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Hello @cpx3,

do you have added a field of the type "ProField: Functional Field" added to any of your templates?

If you don't have a field of this type added to your templates and try to use the functional fields methods in your template file ( with f.e. __richtext() ), you will get an error.

I don't think it matters which template has this field, but a least one template needs it.

Regards, Andreas

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AndZyk, I found the solution. For whatever reason, the file compiler option was deactivated in config.php, so the templates were not compiled...

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