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Hi everybody! And thanks for Processwire!

I like PW hooks and use them in almost all of my projects. But it appears i'm missing some functionality. Some pseudocode to explain my wishlist:

//somewhere in site/ready.php

addHookClass('Page(template=my_template)::my_data', function($event) {

//somewhere in site/templates/my_template.php

var_dump($page->my_data); //should output a multilevel array or nested objects

$page->my_data->set('some_var',$some_value); //doesn't write to database

$page->my_data->save(); //$page->save('my_data') is not applicable here because my_data is not a regular PW data field

In fact i'm trying to create a solution for manipulating per-user settings (how to display some data on some pages etc.) but this approach may appear to be useful in different cases.
Any suggestions are welcome!

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