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Structuring my site - guidance needed


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I am new to ProcessWire and liking what I see. 
Could I ask for a bit of guidance. I am building a web archive for my county golf association. We have 90+ clubs. Clubs have players who win championships and/or play for county teams, and the clubs host these events. We have around 12 championships a year with results going back over 100 years. My objective is to be able to select a club, championship or player and see related events / results for each. 
My data is in csv files and I need to import this [already done the clubs, the import module works great].
My question is re structure and whether, for example, I need to have championship results as a child of the championship main page or whether it would be simpler to create queries to get the data I need.  Any guidance much appreciated. Jerry

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@JerryDi I don't think there's a right answer as to what would be the best structure for your case. It really comes down to your needs, which I don't have enough familiarity with this to give an ideal answer. You'll be able to build your search for championships by club, player, etc., either way, as PW will make that simple. You can have any kind of parent/child relationship for those championships such as…


…and so on. But another route to take (and what I might recommend here) would be to have a /championships/ parent and have all the championships under there, perhaps auto-sorted by year. Each with fields for "year", "club", "players", etc.


And perhaps fields like "club" and "players" on each championship page would be page references to other pages setup in a similar structure:


…and so on. Taking this route (where all championships share a common parent) may not be perfect for any one need, but will likely be a good fit for a diverse range of needs, a solid choice overall. So without knowing the details of your needs that's the route I'd probably take. 

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Hi Ryan, thank you, that is very helpful. I have learned with other frameworks and CMSs that there are various ways to achieve an objective. Your suggestion makes sense, so I'll go with that. Jerry

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