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can the installer simply accept zip files of profiles?


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I understand the desire to cut down on the core size especially when the profiles are just implementations of the same thing to help beginners. However I think both beginners and pros could benefit from having the installer simply accept a zip file of the profile they want to install, and rather than providing instructions on what one has to do to get the profile unzipped and named in order to install correctly... simply let the installer handle it. Reduce that screen to two options:

  1. Start with a blank profile
  2. Upload an existing profile

Perhaps two buttons, and the upload your own button reveals some more instructions: a link to the starter examples (which provide zip downloads), and an explanation about how it accepts exported profiles, and a file input.

Providing the file and clicking next should be enough to have the installer unzip and ready the profile for installation - thus simplifying this screen and making it less intimidating for beginners, easier for people who have a starter theme downloaded in zip, and faster for people who use their own.


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