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Unsetting parent for pagefield


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Hi friends! And thanks for Processwire!

I've found a... hmm, not a bug but rather missing feature.

Let's imagine we have a field of type Page Reference. Due to some reasons (e.g. for having possibility to create new pages directly from inputfield) we assigned a Parent page to Selectable pages settings of our inputfield. Later we decide that we n o longer need that Parent page setting. And - voila! - there's no possibility to unset it.

In fact, this impossibility may lead to errors like "A page does not have necessary parent" which may appear while populating our inputfield programmatically. At the moment, the only way to fix this is to edit the database manually and to delete the parent settings from 'data' column.

Hope this will be fixed in later versions of Processwire.

Thanks again!

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